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Hello, thank you for visiting The Adaptable Adult. My name is Donovan and I've created the Adaptable Adult for millennials to understand how wealth is built and willing to take the necessary steps in their lives to achieve it.

Growing up, many of us were not taught how to grow our money in order to become financially independent. However, in today's online generation, all this information is accessible at our fingertips. Like anything else, we have to spend the time and put in the work to learn about how to grow our money and apply it daily.

While I do not make a lot of money, nor am I financially independent, I am laying the groundwork to achieve this goal one day. By educating myself and researching topics on growing steady wealth, I plan on breaking down the information for those with little to no background in finance.

My information comes from several sources. Everyday, I follow the popular social media pages of Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN Money, Investopedia, and many, many others to soak in information that I never understood until the past year. Instead of Spotify, I’m dialed in to National Public Radio (NPR) and podcasts during my workouts and commute to and from work. Through audio and reading, I learn about wealth building, financial freedom, current events, and how business affects the world around us.

The Adaptable Adult will be a means for millennials to learn anything from the importance of great credit to building a solid foundation for retirement and everything in between.

By creating a medium where people can ask questions that will ultimately pad their bank accounts, I hope we can all attain a prosperous life and do what we love. Join me on the quest of maximizing wealth! I'm really excited to get this started and deliver you great content!

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