Moving on from Chase Sapphire Preferred to Sapphire Reserve

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I had never been so excited to spend a ton of money before I received the Chase Sapphire Preferred in the mail on a mid-summer afternoon. It came with a minimum-spending requirement in order to get a rewards bonus that I was determined to capitalize on: $4,000 in 3 months. I was about to take a trip of a lifetime, a 100-day solo journey to Europe. There was no doubt in my mind that I’d […]

Chase Sapphire Cards

Why Serious Travelers Need to Get Chase Sapphire Reserve Today

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As a frugal person, some might call me cheap. I’m very careful about what I spend money on and if I’m dropping dough, you better believe I find value in whatever it is. That’s why shelling out $450 to get a credit card contradicts my usual philosophy. Or does it?   Around 8 months ago I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. I was stoked. I just quit my job to go on […]

How to Decide if it’s Time to Cancel a Credit Card

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If you don’t know the feeling, opening up a credit card is an exciting time. As exciting an event as it sounds, it’s another step toward becoming more responsible. Really, another bill to keep track of at the end of the day. Credit card companies entice us with big bonus offers like 50,000 points toward travel, Double Cash Back on Every Purchase, or 3% Cash Back for Every Trip to the Pump! And it works. […]


Why I Switched My Cell Service From AT&T and I Love It

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This is a subject that has caused me too much stress for my liking over the past month. I’m proud to say I finally pulled the plug on AT&T and switched over to T-Mobile. It is such a relief, but let me take you through my roller coaster journey with AT&T and their abysmal customer service. Why I Went with AT&T Initially Prior to being with AT&T, I was with Verizon for as long as […]

How to Rollover Your 401(k) to an IRA

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I’ve recently found myself in a situation where I have to do something I’ve never done before. That involves changing my 401(k) retirement plan from my old employer to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). How exactly do you rollover your 401(k) to an IRA? My dog rolls over. Is she involved? If you’re wondering what all that means, no worries, I was in the same boat. Basically, since I no longer work for my former […]

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Squashing Common Misconceptions about Hostels

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A common misconception about traveling is that it’s too damn expensive. People feel that you need an unlimited supply of money to travel on the cheap. Money’s tight? Don’t know how you’re going to make your dollars stretch between all your travel expenses? Where are you going to stay? The answer. Hostels. Hostels are the perfect option for the money-minded traveler. Now, if you haven’t had much experience traveling or are just repulsed by staying […]

How to Use Credit Card Points to Book a Free Round Trip to Europe

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I recently took a hiatus on this blog because I decided to take a once in a lifetime opportunity and quit my job to travel. Since I try to save wherever possible, I’m going to show you how I used credit card points to book a free (well, almost) round trip to Europe. Now, I knew this wasn’t going to be cheap, but you know, YOLO. Just because traveling is expensive, it doesn’t mean you […]

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How to Use Mint to Take Control of Your Financial Life

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When I first heard of back in 2012, I was intimidated. The free service puts all your finances into perspective in a digital format. You plug in your bank accounts, loans, investments, assets, debts, and anything else that has to do with your financial life. At the time I was broke as a joke, had no job, and was living off my savings and student loans. I didn’t enjoy signing in and looking at […]

3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying a Home

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The ability to own property is a value that Americans hold true to their beliefs of independence and prosperity… damn that’s deep. So much so, it’s stated in the fifth amendment of our Bill of Rights. Owning a home is a sign of hard work and dedication to have a place you can call your own. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, this can be a hard goal to accomplish. Considering you often need 10-20% […]